Shaving and grooming animals is an integral part of any owner’s life, whether it’s a dog, cat or even a horse. Proper care is essential to keeping your animal’s coat beautiful and shiny.

For such large animals as horses, finding a professional grooming salon can be tough. Such a service is quite expensive and the price may end up being far beyond your budget.

It’s actually not a bad idea to take things into your own hands and start learning how to clip your horse. All you need is a good clipper and this article!

TOP 5 Best horse clippers

Wahl Animal Show Pro Plus shaving set
Wahl Animal Show Pro Plus shaving set

1. Wahl Professional Animal Show Pro Plus clipping set

The first clipper we would like to introduce is the Wahl Proffesional Animal Show Pro Plus. Its efficiency is average, but it will be sufficient for those who are not very demanding and whose horses are not too shaggy. It is a very affordable model, which is why it is chosen by many people.

The Wahl clipper does a good job and works best on small areas with finest hair, such as the head (especially the spots under the bridle), ears or fetlocks. The clipper is rather small and lightweight so you should be able to handle these areas without too much trouble.

The adjustable blades come in a variety of sizes, and the entire setup is packed in a fancy kit that includes all the essentials you need for the task. As an example, the kit features blade guards, a cleaning brush, blade oil, and an instructional DVD for beginners.

However, on the other hand, this clipper is for minor touch-ups only and will not handle the whole coat. Additionally, a number of users complain about clogging of the device.  


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Best for minor touch-ups
  • Affordable price


  • Tends to clog when used on more demanding areas
Oster Clipmaster shaving machine for horses
Oster Clipmaster shaving machine for horses

2. Oster Clipmaster clipping machine

The aforementioned clipper wasn’t intended for clipping the horse’s entire body. If you want to groom a considerable part of your horse’s coat, the Oster Clipmaster will be a great choice. You can even use it to clip thick winter coat.

This device is extremely versatile and you can adjust it to your needs. The clipper has a wide range of speed adjustments – ranging from 700 to 3,000 strokes per minute, plus you can personalize the position of the blades.

Another advantage of this clipper is its body, which is made of very durable materials and is not likely to be damaged even if it falls, as the entire body is impact-resistant.

By purchasing this device you get a full groomer’s kit that will allow you to properly care for your horse.

Although the clipper is not the prettiest and does not impress with its visual appearance, it certainly serves its purpose and is indeed very affordable.


  • Made of durable, impact-resistant materials
  • Various speed settings
  • Good for clipping the whole body
  • Does not clog


  • Appearance
  • Weight
Masterclip Hunter clipper
Masterclip Hunter clipper on a horse

3. Masterclip Hunter lightweight clipper

A very good clipper, as it combines versatility, lightweight design and comfort.

Despite its lightweight structure, its strength and performance can be surprising. The whole device is driven by a magnetic motor that can last for a significant amount of time without losing its power. The model is suitable for all types of horse coats.

The clipper comes with blade oil, a care kit and a storage box.

Unfortunately, several users have reported quick overheating, which puts both the horse and the groomer at potential risk of burns.


  • Powerful magnetic motor
  • Durable, lightweight design


  • Heats up quickly
Wahl Arco clipping machins in different colors
Wahl Arco clipping machins in different colors

4. Wahl Professional Arco clipping machine

One of the best portable clippers on the market. It is cordless, so you can do your work very quickly and easily without having to constantly move your horse around.

What’s more, the clipper is lightweight, so it will appeal to anyone who wants to groom their horse. Its shape is so well thought out that it fits every type of hand and does not slip out or cause discomfort.

One of the biggest advantages of this clipper is the 5-in-1 blade system, which allows you to reach even the smallest areas and shave your horse’s winter coat. You can quickly shave the whole horse’s body, even its head and legs, and the quiet design allows you to shave even the most anxious animals.

The battery lasts for about 80 minutes and the device takes 75 minutes to fully charge.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight body
  • 5-in-1 blade system
  • Powerful battery


  • Strong clipper – beginner groomers need to be careful not to clip more than intended
Andis AGC Pro Clip clipper
Andis AGC Pro Clip clipper

5. Andis Pro Clip two-speed clipper

Andis is one of the major manufacturers of horse clippers. The clipper we are about to introduce is one that you absolutely need to check out, because it is awesome!

The clipper features an interchangeable blade system, so you can use it on different parts of your horse’s body. Thanks to its chrome-plated coating, you don’t have to worry about rusting. Replacing the blades is extremely easy, and the maintenance – even easier!

Moreover, you can switch between low and high speed to ensure a continuous workflow. The clipper is very precise and quiet, so the grooming experience is stress-free for both you and your horse.

This is a corded clipper, but the cord is long enough to allow you to walk around your horse without any restrictions.

However, only one blade is included in the set, which is a considerable downgrade when compared to the other models listed here.


  • Silent
  • Precise
  • Long cord
  • Suitable for professional use


  • Only one blade included

How to choose the best horse clipper?

The equipment you use to clip your horse should provide you with quick, easy and effective results. If you choose poor quality tools, you probably won’t be able to do the job properly, and in fact, you may hurt your horse.

Take a look at what to consider before making any decisions.


There are usually two blades in the sets – one in the clipper and one spare. The blades come in different sizes, so the effect you get depends on the type and size of the chosen blade.

When clipping a horse you need to be aware of its needs and the type of environment it lives in, e.g. a horse that lives in a warm climate should be shaved close to the skin, whereas horses from colder areas should be able to thermoregulate and not be deprived of all their body hair.

If you master the blade swapping and learn the purpose of the blades, the whole process will be quick, efficient, and effortless.


Seeking to achieve better efficiency, manufacturers produce slightly larger clippers to accommodate a more powerful power supply, but these are much heavier and uncomfortable for longer use. The decision of what size clipper you need is up to you.

If you are interested in shaving minor and more fragile parts of the horse’s body, such as the head, go for a smaller device.


The whole thing should not be too heavy and clumsy – it is better to choose one that you can easily hold in your hand.

Even though plastic is lighter than aluminum or other such materials, when it comes to clippers, try to avoid plastic designs.


A long-lasting battery is extremely important if you decide to choose a cordless clipper. The better the motor of the device, the longer you will be able to groom your horse.

Corded power is still very popular among groomers, but in case of this option, make sure that the cord is long enough for you to be able to easily walk around the horse.

Clipping your horse – useful safety tips

Clipping horses can be dangerous and can put your animal at risk for many cuts and injuries if done by an inexperienced person. To avoid cuts and other wounds, make sure you follow the few tips enumerated below.

  1. Clippers overheat – some quickly, others slower, but the process itself is inevitable. To prevent burns, use a cooling fluid on the blades. Another way to prevent overheating is to simply turn off the device and continue working once it has cooled down.
  2. The time you choose for clipping your horse is extremely important. Mid-spring is a rather bad time, as you will interrupt the process of summer hair growth.
  3. Do not clip your horse right before leaving for a competition – the coat will become rough and dull. It takes a few days to two weeks for the hair to regain its proper condition.
  4. Sensitive, hard to reach and smaller areas, such as the horse’s head, should be treated with a smaller clipper or a smaller blade.
  5. Before clipping, secure the mane and tail so that you don’t accidentally cut them.


Is clipping horses necessary?

Do wild horses need clipping? No. Their coat is longer in winter when they need more warmth, and shorter in summer when the temperature increases.

However, if your horse has a long coat and the temperature is high, clipping may be necessary for its comfort.

Nevertheless, when it comes to clipping, the decision is up to the owner, depending on his needs and preferences regarding the horse’s look.

How to handle a nervous horse?

Not every horse will stand still during clipping. When shaving a horse that is rather anxious, take special care not to hurt it.

Make sure you use a quiet and gentle clipper. If your horse is particularly nervous, concentrate on the areas that really require clipping and if the stress is too severe, simply stop the process.

Does clipping hurt the horse?

It is possible, but just like with humans – sometimes we experience discomfort when shaving areas such as our arms. Some razors are not very gentle and can cause discomfort to your animal. Try out different razors of various motors and sizes to find the best one.


To conclude, the best horse clippers are from reliable manufacturers who have been establishing their reputation and quality over many years. Most clippers, despite their many advantages, also have drawbacks. Before you decide on a model, consider your needs and equipment expectations.