Welcome everyone to my website, my name is Janet Williams owner and writer at Heatherblitz.info

I has been around horses for most of my life. From trail riding to jumping and dressage, I love anything horses and always enjoy sharing with others. My passion is teaching horses and rider how to excel to the best of their potential.

Short background information: I had completed doing Hunter/Jumpers and studied dressage. I currently owns 2 (plus 3 other horses) and the first one named Ellie, I learned all the basics on that horse and my passion grew from there.

I enjoys helping people to be comfortable around horses and love to share my passion and teaching others how to ride and take care of their horses. I will try my best to help you with any of your horse problems. Whether you need advice on riding, or just want to know how to groom your horse, feel free to contact us!

About First founder of HeatherBlitz.info

Heather Blitz

I began riding as a toddler when I was growing up on my parents farm in Kansas and participated in Western riding events until I went to Colorado State University.  While earning my B.S. in Equine Science as preparation for veterinary school, I also began private dressage training and teacher training courses at the university.  Upon completing my college education in 1993, I moved to Louisiana  and began working as an independent trainer and instructor full time.  For a few years I had my own business working with a variety of horses.  I trained almost anything that came my way, from Arabians and Thoroughbreds to Saddlebreds. When I got the occasional Warmblood in training it was a real treat. 

  My own horse at that time, a big Westfalen gelding named Gershwin, generously put up with my many experiments, failures and and periodic successes.   I participated in various clinics and symposiums whenever possible but, like so many riders, I didn’t have access to regular help.  I taught my way to FEI level with Gershwin mostly learning from trial and error.  We made it to Intermediaire II before he had to stop due to ringbone.  I have competed in recognized dressage since 1994 on too many horses to mention, winning many Regional and National titles at all levels.  One career changing horse for me was the Danish Warmblood stallion Rambo DVE 373.  I began training him when he was 12 years old and retired him at the age of 18.  He was trained to Grand Prix by Danish trainer Leif Sørensen.  He was my first serious Grand Prix horse and I learned an immeasurable amount from working with him.  He was owned by Oak Hill Ranch in Louisiana where for seven years I worked as Head Trainer.  Rambo and I showed at CDI level Grand Prix from the competitive circuit in Wellington, Florida to the prestigious Dressage at Devon in Pennsylvania, where we achieved a third place.  Those scores with Rambo earned us a place on the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Long List, enabling us to attend the USEF team training sessions.  That was a significant turning point for me in my career. 

  The second horse that has made a huge impact in my career was Arabella, a daughter of Rambo.  I trained her from her first day under saddle all the way to the Grand Prix, and eventually to being selected as a reserve for the 2006 World Equestrian Games in Aachen, Germany.   That opportunity gave Arabella and me the direction and recognition that led to even more success.  We had done well in competitions up to that point when she won four and five year old classes at Regional Championships.  At six years old, she was the winner of the FEI six year old young horse championships and almost qualified for the World Championships in Verden, Germany.  When she was eight years old we qualified for and competed in the USEF Intermediaire National Championships in San Juan Capistrano, CA finishing in fifth place.   We started the Grand Prix together when she was eight years old and by the time she was ten years old we had qualified for the USEF Grand Prix National Championships at Gladstone, NJ where we finished fifth overall.  As a result of that, we earned the traveling reserve spot for the 2006 World Equestrian Games.  During that time I also had my very young horse Paragon in training and Otto who was an exciting newcomer to FEI competition. 

  Otto was the third and most significant horse for me.  Rambo was also his sire and I trained and competed him from the age of eight when he was doing lower level work until he was 13. We developed into an extremely competitive partnership and gained important progress in the international Grand Prix arena.  We competed throughout Europe and Scandinavia for over two years, winning third place in the Grand Prix Special at the Mondorf CDIO, Luxembourg, amidst Germany’s top riders and top 10 finishers in the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special at Stuttgart CDI5*. 

  My current Grand Prix horse is the Danish Warmblood gelding Paragon by Don Schufro out of Pari Lord by Loran, who was bred by Oak Hill Ranch and foaled under my supervision.  I have owned him since he was a foal and he has proved to be an extraordinarily talented horse.  We began our competition career together when he was seven when I had just returned from living in Denmark for four years.  His first competitions on the Florida circuit were marked with impressive scores from 71 to 76% percent, qualifying him for the prestigious CDI 3* at Dressage at Devon where he won both the Prix St George and Intermediaire I with over 70%.  These scores qualified us for the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico where he won both the individual silver and team gold medals.  With these results, I decided to make the move to the big tour and we launched our Grand Prix career at the 2012 World Dressage Masters.  I had entered the CDI 3*, which ran concurrently with the Masters, and because of our high placing, we were invited to compete in the Masters the next day.  Started off our Grand Prix career with a bang.  We placed over 70% in both the Grand Prix and the Special, which proved that Paragon was a serious contender.  Later that year we qualified and were selected as the Traveling Reserve for the 2012 London Olympic Games.  Paragon is now aimed at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

  In addition to my competition schedule, I have been a guest judge and test rider at the Pavo Cup (four and five year old National Championships) in The Netherlands and for the Danish National Championships for five year olds.  I continue to maintain a full schedule of clinics, symposiums and private lessons that I give in the U.S., Denmark and England.  My training system is based on two principles: rider biomechanics and body awareness at all levels, and my training system, which is founded on many years of experience.
  The person who has been the biggest influence in my riding is my biomechanics coach, Mary Wanless.  I met Mary in 1993 and she still coaches me to this day. Her research into the effect of riders’ bodies on horses is extensive and unique and not found in more traditional training.  Her theories continue beyond teaching the beginner to improve their seat.   The more advanced I become in my riding,  I find her even more helpful.  Like a mechanic tuning my engine as I need more and more technique, power and refinement.  As you progress up the levels, it gets harder and harder to find words to describe what we are trying to achieve,  but Mary’s style, using analogies and sensory feedback, allows for amazing communication and understanding where timing and sensitivity are essential for success.  I have always had a special niche in my own teaching because of my education from Mary and will forever be grateful for the day I was introduced to her.”